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Responsible for: Design, HTML, Javascript & CSS     Year: 2009

Brief: My main goal in re-designing this Austin alternative high school's website was to authentically reflect the nature, values, and mission of the school. This was achieved, in large part, by partnering with Austin photographer Bonnie Berry, who brilliantly captured the essence of the school. A balance between artistically creative and "professional" was struck by including hand-drawn doodles on a notebook paper background, along with a simple and intuitive interface that users could easily navigate. The site is largely populated by database information that the client can easily update without any web knowledge, by using a backend admin area that I designed (php programming by FOG Consulting.)
Griffin School homepage // design, coding
{ Homepage }

Griffin School art class page // design, coding

Griffin School about us page // design, coding
{ About Us Page }

Griffin School admin page example // design

BEFORE RE-DESIGN: Original Griffin School homepage

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